Male to Male Jumper Wire various length (65 pcs)
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Male to Male Jumper Wire various length (65 pcs)


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Male to male jumper wire 65 pcs pack. Including 4 different length:

  • 240mm
  • 200mm
  • 150mm
  • 110mm

Perfect for connecting circuit and doing prototype on breadboard, SK40C, SKds40A, Arduino.

Wires are the connecting parts of a circuit. Jumper wires are small wire ducts that can be used to connect components to each other on bread boards or elsewhere. The male and male heads of this product, with plastic heads, provide easier connections without the need to solder.



  • Easy to plug
  • Appropriate length for jumping


  • Length: 240mm x 4, 200mm x 4, 160mm x 8 and 120mm x 44
  • Total: 65 pcs of male to male jumper wires
  • Male-Male connectors (pin to pin)
  • 7 different colors
  • Colors: Red, green, blue, black, orange, white and yellow
  • Material: Plastic
  • Easily Connect to Breadboard or Arduino

Packing List:

  •  65 pcs Male to Male Jumper Wire