NRF24L01+PA+LNA Wireless Module

NRF24L01+PA+LNA Wireless Module


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NRF24L01P + PA + LNA wireless module operates in Free license 2.4G ISM band. It is an easy and suitable module if you want to set up your wireless communication system at a low cost. The Data transmission chip NRF24L01+, and match with the department’s professional design, Add the chip of power PA and LNA, RF switch, bandpass filter composed of a professional full two-way RF power amplifier, making the effective communication distance has been greatly expanded, up to 1000 meters. (No barrier).


  • Frequence: 2.4GHz~2.5GHz
  • Operating voltage: 3 ~ 3.6V Max
  • Current: 115mA
  • Support up to six channels of data reception

Package List:

  • 1 x NRF24L01+PA+LNA Wireless Module


Demo Code: