Official Raspberry Pi Keyboard
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Official Raspberry Pi Keyboard


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This is an exciting white and red keyboard and it is the official Raspberry Pi keyboard!

Raspberry Pi is a single mother In layman terms, Raspberry Pi is a computer mother board. So, besides the power and microSD card (for Operating System), you will most likely need a keyboard and mouse too. At least at the beginning.

We have been using normal keyboard and mouse for that purpose and asking for official keyboard and mouse from Raspberry Pi Foundation. Now the wait is over!


  • 78-key keyboard
  • Three USB 2.0 type A ports for powering other peripherals
  • Automatic keyboard language detection
  • USB type-A to micro USB type B cable
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use

The official Raspberry Pi USB keyboard and Mouse are here! This is the keyboard and it is in Raspberry Pi official color, Red and White!

Real Raspberian should have this in the collection.

The product’s micro USB port is for connection to the Raspberry Pi. Via the USB hub built into the keyboard, the Raspberry Pi controls, and provides power to, the three USB Type A ports.

The Raspberry Pi keyboard has three lock keys:Num Lock,Scroll Lock, andCaps Lock. There are three LEDs in the top right-hand corner that indicate which locks are enabled.